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About Us

Bougainvillas Seychelles
At the edge of nature

If you are thinking of taking a break in a home away from home or spending it in paradisiac surroundings, then Bougainvillas Seychelles is the place to be. 


Nestled in the quiet hills of Bougainville, these three brand new and spacious self-catering apartments are ideal for families and groups.  Located in the scenic south of Mahé island and conveniently placed between the famous beach of Anse Royale and the surfers' beach of Anse Forbans , they cater for those of you, who want a rest from the tedium of a working life, or who want to surf the ocean.  If you don't want to do either, it's fine too!  There is plenty of space to relax and chill as the property spreads out over 2000 sq m.

Consisting of one two-bedroom and two three-bedroom apartments, all three offer a magnificent view of the translucent blue ocean from the living room and bedrooms on one side and a mountain view on the opposite side. 


The flat roofs of each apartment are an added plus and offer you the possibility of doing some yoga, meditate, or simply sit with a cup of tea in the morning as you watch the sun peek timidly over the horizon.  The tastefully-landscaped and colourful gardens are visited by dozens of local birds which can either lull you to sleep at night or wake you up with their joyful chirping in the morning.

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